Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dance Like No One's Watching

Dance like no one's watching
No one to condemn and none to flatter,
Watch the last pieces of your inhibitions shatter,
For you choose the rhythm and you set the tone
This one's for you and you alone.

You sure are not putting up a show ,
So, grace be damned .. just go with the flow.
Don't act aggressive and don't act coy
Just take a moment to let in the joy.

Away from all the lies and pretense
Look at the world through a brand new lens
Honest emotions are so hard to find
This slice of truth is hence one of a kind

Life's a play and that's your cue
To roll the dice and see where it takes you,
So,throw the ball and do the catching
And dance away as if no one watching.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The year of dreams

Promises of a new beginning
A belief that this would be a happy ending
Whispers of hope carried through the air
Breathing through the icy blades of despair
There is something you can dream about
Something for which you can reach out
Something for which you are destined
A treasure trove for you to find

From struggles to success you will reach
Every fortress of fear you will breach
Can you hear that song wafting in the breeze
A song of hope which will never cease
Rejoice anew for it seems
That the year ahead is the year of dreams

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things People Say

"No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other."

Everybody loves to win an argument. We argue with our maids ,our parents ,sisters,friends and managers(k u dont argue with ur manager u 'discuss') .But the point is arguments are an integral part of everyone's life ;especially, in India where each coin has a minimum of five sides.

The internet is a miracle of technology -the only truly democratic medium in today s world .On the internet you can find different versions of the same truth.You can choose the version u want to believe in based on ur political ideologies(Right wing,left wing or indifferent) or your mental outlook(Liberal,conservative or deranged) Put the internet in the hands of people who always love to win arguments and the results are often hilarious.

Have you ever read dose comments at the end of a controversial article or video?The comments of those who disagree with watever is being said?I found dat they generally fall into the following categories:

1. They generally start with questioning the author's sexual orientation and proceed to suggest that he perform a number of acts on himself or others that are often immoral,illegal or impossible(in some cases all 3).Well but i have to say dat some of the comments were highly... hmmm....imaginative(for want of better word).

2.This category of people question the ancestry of the author .Not a single insignificant branch of the family tree is spared .I really could not figure out what this has to do with whether Mac is better than windows (which incidentally was the topic under discussion) .

3.The mother and The sister.If you have already abused the author and his family .. try these family members and trade insults.Now most mothers and sisters really dont give a damn about the topic under discussion. For example most Indian mom's have never heard of "liverpool" and the only "real" ur sister knows is the fruit drink.Guys,these women dont know and dont want to know.So,leave them out of ur discussions you ........ football crazy fanatics.

4. This category of people question the views of the author.They state very clearly that they disagree with a particular opinion and their reason for doing so.They question it with facts and statistics .They question the base of the argument not the right of the author to argue.Frankly, when i found the elusive comment in this category i almost wept with joy.There are sensible people in this world .There is still hope.

PS:To win an argument in the real world you don't need words.I asked my sister to change the channel on TV.She gave me a look which said ,'I hv the remote .You are supposed to be studying.Do me a favor,if you don't want to watch tis.. leave'.All this was communicated wordlessly.Now thats wat i call an eloquent silence ;-)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chennai yil Oru Mazhai Kalam

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.”
I was getting back home from work when the rains beat upon my head with a vengeance.Most of my frens yearn for the monsoon in Chennai. Say rain, and one immediately conjures up images of cozy couples and intimate conversations.Rain and romance are synonymous for some people.But whoever said the rain is romantic has obviously never got drenched by the rain in Chennai.I don t find anything remotely romantic about getting soaked on dirty roads with open manholes, and gawking men.

All you romantics out there,please remove your rose tinted glasses and take a look .I bet you will find that getting wet in the rain is the most unromantic thing in the world.Rain is great when you don't have to actually experience it.Rain and romance just don't gel for me.Period.Well, maybe it would ,if i am in a pristine cottage on the Alps amidst a serene lake with a guy who looks like Brad Pitt.Maybe..(k lets not get carried away)..I will let you know about my altered opinions if and when this happens;-)

If our Tamil movies are to be believed ,Indian women love dancing in the rain(preferably wearing transparent sarees and impossible shoes) .... People,these girls are paid to do it and that's why they are so ecstatic about it.Ask any rational girl if she would like to dance in the rain amidst squishy puddles and people spitting all around them .Go on . just ask . . she will probably give you a look that would make you wish you were soluble in the rain.

As for me,I finally reached home; drenched from head to foot,tired ,hungry, and not to mention a wee bit disgusted about the things i would have unknowingly tread on.After cleaning up and eating ,I looked out of the window to find it still raining.From the comforts of my house, i found t it beautiful and tender and poetic .And i could empathize with the poet who said"Rain is grace;rain is the sky condescending the earth..." (What can i say? I guess for any sort of aesthetic activity or perception to exist,certain preconditions are indispensable ;-) )

Friday, September 11, 2009

There is more

There is more to silence than the absence of sound

More to a desert than just the bare ground

There is more to beauty than that, which meets the eye,

There is more to deception than just the outright lie

There is more than pain in the unshed tear

More to an unsaid word than speech can bear

A home is more than just bricks and stone,

There is more to a man than just flesh and bone,

There is more to your dog than its bark and bite,

There is more to the sunset than just a trick of light,

There is more to love than all the poets can tell

More to that dream which even despair can’t fell

There is more to God than we will ever know,

And there is more to us than we will ever show

A melody called life

An eagle soars in the skies alone

The winds whistle tunes unknown

The joyous building of castles in sand

The tender faith in an outstretched hand

Reaches out to the person within

Who is pure, permanent and unaffected by sin

The myriad reasons behind the gleam of an eye

The million shades between the truth and the lie

Are you the one who chooses your words?

Soft as petals or sharp as swords

Are you bruised by very little and then some

Listen gal, there is more from where that came from

Are you waving your fists in the air?

Does everything seem so damn unfair?

Life is a melody and I sing along

However off tune, this is my song

I am the girl who awakens to find it a dream

And the woman who sleeps to find her dream